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We are pleased to share that the proposed merger was defeated on November 8, 2022!

Merger Vote Outcome:

ANWSD: 72% of voters opposed the merger (771 - yes 2001 - no)

MAUSD: 67% of voters opposed the merger ( 1115 - yes 2281 - no)

We thank the many, many members of the MAUSD and ANWSD communities who spent much time and energy becoming informed about these complex issues and engaged in helping their neighbors become informed.

We want to express our respect for the hard work of the Merger Study Committee, and for the voters who endorsed the merger. While we may disagree on solutions, we acknowledge the school district faces many difficult problems that are not easy to fix.

We are hopeful that our communities can work together, within MAUSD towns and across the MAUSD-ANWSD districts, on finding ways to control costs, expand learning opportunities for students, and increase student enrollment by attracting young families to our school districts.



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